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Outdoor Theme Park
The outdoor theme park is Genting Highland's largest family attraction, offering recreational activities and amusement rides in a cooling environment high up the mountain slopes. Visitors can explore over 50 types of rides, including roller coasters, ferris wheels, swings, carousels, trains, cars and ships that tumble through the air, barrel down water channels or crawl slowly along a steel track. Boating, archery and go-karts are more activity choices, while mini concerts and performances by clowns and mascots provide crowd entertainment on holiday weekends. On most days, the Genting Theme Park is easily the liveliest spot on the peak, next to the casinos.
Thrill rides are designed for adults with minimum height and age requirements, along with safety belts and harnesses, to prevent early or unwanted deaths. These most popular of these rides include the Spinner, Space Shot, Flying Dragon, Corkscrew and Flying Coaster, all designed to maximise excitement through wild motion and crazy speeds. Family rides are much slower and emphasize more on sightseeing aspectes; these are catered for children and parents to sit together and enjoy the fun. Some examples include the Astrofighter, Monorail, Pirate Train and Tea Cup. Then there's Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland, a cheesy imitation of Willy Wonka's original factory with shopping racks full of chocolates for visitors to purchase and gorge.

At the lake, visitors can ride around on paddle boats, soaking in a view of the colourful surroundings. Several playpens around the amusement park, including a day center for kids, is where parents can leave small children to occupy themselves. Another activity for children is the Rainforest Splash Pool, an indoor heated water park that faces the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride and wave pool. There is also an indoor section of the theme park housed in the First World Plaza, which offer a smaller and much milder range of rides. Open daily from 10am to 7pm, the Genting Theme Park opens earlier at 8am and closes as late as 10pm on weekends and public holidays. Ticket prices begins from MYR38 for an adult day pass with unlimited rides, with two-day and express lane options.
UPDATE: The Genting Outdoor Theme Park is closed to make way for a new 20th Century Fox Theme Park (to be opened).
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